Last Night on CONAN – 11/30/17: Josh Hutcherson | Daveed Diggs | Talib Kweli ft. Anderson .Paak

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, November 30th, Conan welcomed
Josh Hutcherson, Daveed Diggs, and Talib Kweli ft. Anderson .Paak

Al Franken Can Still Be Elected Senator Of Alabama:

Conan jokes about Al Franken, Roy Moore, and more.

The White House Ethics Lawyer’s Last Day:

When White House ethics lawyer James Schultz resigned,
he wanted to make sure his departure was permanent.

Andy Richter Wants The Royal Wedding In Los Angeles:

Why get married at a castle when we have one of the most
beautiful churches in the world right here in Hollywood?

Tony The Cameraman Drinks Poison:

Tony doesn’t see what all the fuss is about over the former Bosnian general
who swallowed lethal poison. Tony swallows poison to get out of stuff all the time.

Josh Hutcherson Just Wants To Stay In Bed All Day:

Josh suffers from a reverse seasonal affective disorder where L.A.’s constant sunshine and warmth makes him unhappy that he can’t just stay in bed all day.

Josh Hutcherson Is Spending The Holidays With Woody Harrelson:

Josh is heading to Maui this holiday season to eat cheeseburgers
in front of his hyper-vegan “Hunger Games” co-star.

Josh Hutcherson On The Haze That Surrounds Seth Rogen:

Josh went to “Future Man” producer Seth Rogen one day after work
and instantly passed out. Josh thinks it was an indica strain…

Josh Hutcherson: James Franco Directed “The Disaster Artist” In Character:

James Franco directed Josh in character as “The Room” mastermind Tommy Wiseau.

Daveed Diggs On Being An Original “Hamilton” Cast Member:

It was hard for Daveed to grasp the massive cultural impact
and popularity of “Hamilton” until it stopped being his day job.

Daveed Diggs On Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Eagle Eyes:

When Conan saw “Hamilton” in New York,
Lin-Manuel Miranda spotted his seat way in the back and did the string dance.

Daveed Diggs’ First and Last Stand-Up Experience:

Daveed explains why he loves to antagonize the audience at clipping. shows.

Daveed Diggs Had No Idea What To Do On A Film Set:

Daveed relied on the seasoned 11-year-old actors in “Wonder” to tell him what to do on-set.

Talib Kweli Ft. Anderson .Paak “Traveling Light” 11/30/17:

Talib Kweli and Anderson .Paak perform a track off Radio Silence.

On Monday, December 4th, Conan welcomes
Dan Rather, Ana Gasteyer, and musical guest Ty Segall

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