Last Night on CONAN – 11/27/17: Rainn Wilson | Angela Kinsey | Ivan Decker

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, November 27th, Conan welcomed
Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, and Ivan Decker

Conan: White House Ethics Lawyer Didn’t Resign, He Was Hospitalized For Exhaustion:

Lynn from South Dakota cheers on Conan as he jokes about Cyber Monday,
Prince Harry’s fiancé, and Olivia Garden.

The Least Popular Cyber Monday Item:

Not even a 97% discount could move
more than one bottle of walrus repellent on Cyber Monday.

Alabama’s Mall Santa Clause:

In Mobile, Alabama, It’s illegal for a mall Santa to grope children
— unless he’s running for Senate.

Rainn Wilson: “Office” Fans Are The Best & The Worst:

Rainn loves fans of “The Office,” but he wishes
they would stop tweeting at him about Angela and beets.

Rainn Wilson Went Vegan For His Pet Pigs:

Rainn felt so guilty after eating bacon in front of his pet pigs Snortington and Amy,
that he’s since sworn off eating animal products.

Rainn Wilson Teaches Conan The Correct Way To Pronounce “Quinoa” & “Acai”:

Rainn tried Icelandic fermented shark and thought
it tasted like “melted rubber and cooked vomit.”

Rainn Wilson’s Impression Of A Field Goal Kicker Who Just Missed A Goal:

Rainn thinks that most field goal kickers are just putting on a show
of humility when they sulk off the football field in defeat.

Rainn Wilson Shaved His “Enormous Weird Head”:

Rainn shaved his head for the movie “Permanent,” and he’s glad it’s not permanent.

Rainn Wilson & Angela Kinsey’s Mini “Office” Reunion:

It was a complete accident that we booked
Dwight Schrute and Angela Martin on the same night.

Angela Kinsey’s Family Is Obsessed With Fake Severed Limbs:

When Angela’s mom isn’t shipping her a fake severed foot,
Angela’s husband is hiding a fake bloody arm in the fridge next to the mayo.

Angela Kinsey Made CONAN Cookies:

Well technically Angela didn’t make them,
she mostly chatted while her husband slaved away in the kitchen.

Ivan Decker Stand-Up 11/27/17:

For Ivan, a grocery store is just a place where
someone has disassembled foods and hid all the pieces.



On Tuesday, November 28th, Conan welcomes
Justin Verlander, Jay Pharoah, and musical guest Langhorne Slim

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