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Cosplay Spotlight: HDC Cosplay

by April Carvelli
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With every new project, there is a honing of skill, acquisition of knowledge, and overall improvement of this passion to create. With every mistake, we grow as creators and never be afraid to move forward.” – HDC Cosplay

Today’s cosplay spotlight is HDC Cosplay. A fantastic cosplayer and prop maker.

PopCultHQ –  What is your favorite material to work with?

HDC Cosplay – This is tough but I think I’m going to have to say closed cell foam for its versatility. Be it L200 or something with more density, it can be used in props and armor and to emulate many varied materials. With the appropriate sealant, it can be used for just about anything.

PopCultHQWhat was your least favorite cosplay?

HDC Cosplay – One that jumps to the front of the list is a Steampunk Oz I threw together for a steampunk Wizard of Oz group. My heart wasn’t in it and it was completely half-assed on my part. Not something I usually do, but alas, it happened. It was trash ?

PopCultHQ – What is your favorite TV show?

HDC Cosplay – I think I’m going to go with Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood on this one. There are so many shows that I love the overall story and character development of FMA I can watch repeatedly.

PopCultHQ – How did you chose your cosplay name? (the name you chose to cosplay under)

HDC Cosplay – My cosplay name had a bit of an evolutionary process behind it. When I first got back into the con scene, and then later thought about doing commission work, it was strictly going to be steampunk. I came up with Harrison Development Co for that. It didn’t amount to much accept for an appearance in some short stories I had written. When I decided to branch out and start competing, I just condensed that HDC Cosplay and Fabrication out of pure laziness and the need for a quick change to better represent my end goal. Since then it has evolved to stand for Harrison Designs & Concepts for the cosplay and fabrication side of the world.

PopCultHQ –  Do you have a favorite source for parts/costuming?

HDC Cosplay – It really depends on what I need. I would say that I order most of my supplies from Amazon though.

PopCultHQ What is your favorite cause/charity?

HDC Cosplay – For these I’m going to have to say Costumers with a Cause. They do so much for the community and events and accept all types of costumers. They go out of their way to participate and are overall just an excellent group of people.

PopCultHQWhat is the most amusing thing that happened to you in costume?

HDC Cosplay – When I did the crown in 2016, we were sitting backstage. Chloe Bennet (Star of Agents of Shield) was sneaking by and she looked at me and said, “I don’t know what you are but you’re creepy as hell” and walked off. That was interesting ?

PopCultHQ – Do you have a favorite photographer?

HDC Cosplay – I’m very fortunate to know many photographers in the scene. Some of my favorite work and personal experience has come from Matt Sperzel,  Alexandra Lee Studios, and Kaminsky Kandids because I can never narrow something down singularly.

PopCultHQ  – Do you prefer mainstream or more obscure characters for cosplay?

HDC Cosplay – It depends really. I like to do my own take on 8-bit character models. I feel that mainstream items can be better for competition, though it’s also very dependent on the con. Usually, if it’s something that I can relate to, a fandom I enjoy, and will present me with a challenge, I’ll usually try to create it

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