[#ConanNYC] Last Night on CONAN – 11/9/17: The Cast of “Daddy’s Home 2”: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, Mel Gibson | Comedian Jon Dore

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The Cast of “Daddy’s Home 2”: Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, John Lithgow, Mel Gibson,

and comedian Jon Dore, with special appearances by Ellie Kemper and Brian McCann

CONAN Monologue 11/09/17:

Conan closes out his week of shows at The Apollo with jokes about
the Statue of Liberty, the New York Giants, and Jamba Juice.

Ellie Kemper Is A Gossipy #ConanNYC Page:

Conan wants to thank all the pages working behind the scenes at The Apollo Theater — except that gossipy Page Six.

The Bass Player From “Seinfeld” Sits In With The Band:

Nothing says “New York” like a bass guitar riff from a 20-year-old sitcom that was actually filmed in Los Angeles.

The Show Is A Hoax:

A random audience member interrupts the show to expose the truth about #ConanNYC.

Conan & Jordan Commute To The Apollo:

Google Play is CONAN’s exclusive mobile gaming partner and
the perfect distraction during long cab rides with Jordan Schlansky.

Will Ferrell: Bostonians Go Crazy For Mark Wahlberg:

Will swears that Mark knows someone in every town in Massachusetts, and they’re usually named Bleacher or Swiggy.

Will Ferrell: Mark Wahlberg Is A Perfect Human Being:

According to Will, Mark does more before 7am than most people do in a lifetime.

Will Ferrell & John Lithgow’s Off-Camera Kisses:

John and Will play a very affectionate father and son in “Daddy’s Home 2”
— and the intimacy didn’t end when the cameras stopped rolling.

John Lithgow’s Secret To Not Breaking:

After many years of bad behavior, John finally figured out how to keep a straight face on set.

How Mel Gibson Pranked Director Nancy Meyers:

Mel played a prank on the set of “What Women Want” and it did not go as planned.

“Parent Trap” Made Will Ferrell Cry On A Plane:

Will sobbed like a baby over the 1998 Lindsay Lohan vehicle.

John Lithgow Likes Watching “3rd Rock From The Sun” Reruns:

John can’t stand to watch himself in dramas,
but he has been known to pop in a “3rd Rock from the Sun” rerun for a laugh.

The Cast Of “Daddy’s Home 2” In Their Underwear:

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell are known for being in their skivvies,
and Conan doesn’t want John Lithgow and Mel Gibson to be left out.

Jon Dore Just Came From “Hercules: The Musical”:

Jon had to rush over to The Apollo in his centaur costume to perform his set and promote his energy drink.

Conan Says Goodbye To Harlem:

Conan thanks the staff of The Apollo Theater, the fans, and Andy Richter,
who always keeps him from stepping in urine.

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