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[Preview] Action Lab’s 11/8 Release: FORCE #1 by Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson & Jay Reed #NCBD

by Jason Bennett
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Welcome to the world of FORCE (Football Operations Rated Championship Elite), created by Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson, and Jay Reed, published by Action Lab Entertainment. FORCE opens a new era of sports-drama series to comics, blending the hyperactive action on the field with the personal drama that takes place behind the scenes.

<[Interview] Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson & Jay Reed of Action Lab’s New Sports-Drama Series FORCE>

Here’s a look at the cover, storyline, and preview pages for this week’s new release from Action Lab Entertainment on New Comic Book Day! #NCBD


New Release for the week of November 8th, 2017



Writers: Shawn Pryor, B. Alex Thompson
Artist: Jay Reed
Cover Artist: Jay Reed

32 pgs./ T / FC

Quarterback Terrance Wright is about to play in the biggest game of his life, Supreme Bowl XXVII. However, events leading up to the game could alter his fate. Will Terrance’s health, finances, his scheming agent, a beloved rookie backup quarterback, and his personal relationship with the franchise operations manager take him to his breaking point before the game begins?



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Writer – Shawn Pryor






Writer/Artist – B. Alex Thompson






Artist – Jay Reed






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Publisher – Action Lab Entertainment


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