Last Night on CONAN – 11/1/17: Kristen Bell | Frank Grillo | Beth Stelling

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, November 1st, Conan welcomed
Kristen Bell, Frank Grillo, and Beth Stelling


Conan: Whoever Wins The World Series Gets To Turn Down An Invite To The White House:

Conan jokes about the Dodgers, the Astros, and Ulysses S. Grant.

“Stranger Things” Season 2 Has Too Many ‘80s References:

The theme song for season two of “Stranger Things” tries too hard to work in ‘80s references
like “Ghostbusters” and Sally Field’s Oscar speech.

A Dodgers Fan Chose CONAN Over The World Series:

There’s a World Series every October, but there’s only one 1096th episode of CONAN.

New York’s New Yorkiest Actor Wants To Be Part Of #ConanNYC:

Carmine Denunzio is a chameleon, he can play anything
from a New York-y pizza delivery guy to a New York-y Imperial Officer.

Kristen Bell Hides Her Kids’ Halloween Candy:

Kristen lets her kids get “blasted” on sugar for one night, and then quietly disposes of their candy.

Kristen Bell Likes Big Juicy Buns:

Kristen thinks Conan and his flapjack buns could benefit from a butt pad.

Kristen Bell Got Filthy With Her “Frozen” Action Figure:

Kristen might just be the first Princess Anna / Tyrion Lannister shipper.

Kristen Bell Loves Making Physical Contact With Mila Kunis & Kathryn Hahn:

Kristen and her “Bad Moms Christmas” co-stars are getting through their press tour
thanks to lots and lots of oxytocin.

How Frank Grillo Maintains 5% Body Fat:

Frank isn’t a casual gym goer, he trains like a professional fighter and is constantly starving.

Frank Grillo Tells His Kids To Bash Bullies In The Face:

Of course Frank wants his kids to try and find a peaceful solution, but just in case that doesn’t work…

Frank Grillo Is A Superstar In China:

Frank is well-known in the states for his role in “Captain America,” but he’s Elvis-level famous in China.

Frank Grillo’s New Movie Has More F-Bombs Than “Scarface”:

“Wheelman” manages to squeeze 286 f-bombs into 86 minutes. We did the math, and that’s 3.3 f-bombs a minute.

Beth Stelling Is Building Up Her Meat Coat:

Seasons in Los Angeles are indistinguishable, but as a midwesterner,
Beth’s body automatically knows when to build up a meat coat.



On Thursday, November 2nd, Conan welcomes
Mila Kunis, Maria Bamford, and musical guest King Krule

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