Last Night on CONAN – 10/31/17: JB Smoove | Whitney Cummings | Joel Kim Booster

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, October 31st, Conan welcomed
JB Smoove, Whitney Cummings, and Joel Kim Booster

Conan On Trump’s Historic Approval Rating:

Conan jokes about Trump’s 33% approval rating, Halloween, and the World Series.

Butterscotch The Clown’s Halloween Plans:

Butterscotch wants trick-or-treaters to know that he’s nothing like that mean clown from IT.

Introducing: Demonthroat:

Ensure that your domicile is one of the least visited houses this Halloween
by shoving this $500 modulator down your throat.

JB Smoove Thinks Halloween Is Overrated & Dangerous:

JB thinks kids’ trick-or-treat bags should be filled with school supplies, not dangerous tainted candy.

JB Smoove Gives Conan Advice For Performing At The Apollo:

JB instructs Conan to sing about God, quit the nipple rubbing, and most importantly — change up his walk.

JB Smoove Wants To Make “Harrison”: The Musical:

“Hamilton” is a giant success, but JB thinks his 5 to 10 minute play about
William Henry Harrison’s short time in office will be even more profitable.

JB Smoove Explains The Storied History Of The Phrase “Get In Dat Ass”:

According to JB Smoove, the expression “get in dat ass” dates back to the 1726 novel “Gulliver’s Travels.”

Whitney Cummings On Online Dating:

Whitney thinks there are two types of men you find online: husbands and murderers.

Conan & Andy Play Whitney Cummings’ Dating Game:

Whitney can tell a lot about someone by their favorite animal.
For example, Conan’s is a grizzly bear, and Andy’s is an octopus.

Joel Kim Booster Compares 2017 To A Horror Movie:

Joel thinks “this entire period of history we’re living through is like the end of a horror movie
when you think the killer is dead and then a hand reaches out of the grave and grabs you.”

On Wednesday, November 1st, Conan welcomes
Kristen Bell, Frank Grillo, and Beth Stelling

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