Last Night on CONAN – 10/24/17: Adam Sandler | Evan Peters | Jimmy Dunn

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On Tuesday, October 24th, Conan welcomed
Adam Sandler, Evan Peters, and Jimmy Dunn.

Conan Explains The Punchlines Of His Jokes:

Conan explains his jokes about the World Series, Hamilton, and Trump.

Boliviguay Wants To Be In The World Series:

The tiny fictional country that loves cheese balls and somehow has Yasiel Puig on their roster,
lobbies for inclusion in the World Series.

Adam Sandler: Dustin Hoffman Accidentally Snubbed Daniel Day-Lewis:

Daniel Day-Lewis is such a chameleon, Dustin didn’t even recognize him.

Adam Sandler Made His Wife’s Cannes Dream Come True:

Adam’s wife was so excited to walk up the iconic red stairs at Cannes, not even a pushy Frenchman could stop her.

Adam Sandler Makes Fun Of His Kids’ Fear Of Lakes:

Adam thought it was ridiculous that his kids thought there were sharks in Lake Tahoe.

Adam Sandler’s “Mustache Ride” Gone Wrong:

Adam’s kids overheard him asking his wife if she wanted a “mustache ride.”

Adam Sandler’s Father Was Very Open About His Sex Life:

When Adam was 14, his father told him that he “practiced with a few ladies”
to make sure he was prepared for Adam’s mother.

Adam Sandler On His Role In “The Meyerowitz Stories”:

Adam plays a musician in “The Meyerowitz Stories” who writes funny songs — sounds like someone we know.

Evan Peters On Playing Six Different Cult Leaders:

Evan had to study so much footage of Charles Manson and other cult leaders
for “American Horror Story: Cult,” he felt like he was living his own horror story.

Evan Peters Shows Off His TV-Humping Skills:

Evan’s character in “American Horror Story: Cult” celebrates Trump’s victory
by covering himself in Cheetos and humping a television.

Evan Peters On His Craziest Scene In “American Horror Story”:

Evan has done some weird stuff on “American Horror Story,” but pleasuring himself
in front of Billy Eichner is the craziest thing he’s done — so far.

Jimmy Dunn’s Alternate Uses For His Gore-Tex Jacket:

Jimmy likes to think of his water resistant Gore-Tex jacket as a more of a gravy-resistant Gore-Tex jacket.


On Wednesday, October 25th, Conan welcomes
Paul Reiser, Abbi Jacobson, and JD McPherson


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