Last Night on CONAN – 9/28/17: Kyle MacLachlan | Rob Schneider | Lisa Loeb

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On Thursday, September 28th, Conan welcomes
Kyle MacLachlan, Rob Schneider, and musical guest Lisa Loeb

Conan Knows The Real Reason For The Border Wall In San Diego:

Conan jokes about the border wall in San Diego,
the Costco wedding in Australia, and the stoned hikers in Britain.

#ConanNYC Tickets Are Now Available:

Head over to to scoop up your tickets
to see CONAN at Harlem’s world famous Apollo Theater, 11/6 – 11/9.

Apple’s Email Marketing Fail:

Starbucks, Apple, AARP and other brands are getting a little too real with their customers.

Conan Calls Out The Creepy Uber Masturbator:

A mayoral candidate was accused of performing a lewd sex act in the back of an Uber. Thank god none of our fans would ever do something that creepy.

Fans Won’t Stop Sending Kyle MacLachlan Coffee Content:

Like his “Twin Peaks” character, Kyle can’t live without a damn fine cup of coffee
“as black as midnight on a moonless night.”

Kyle MacLachlan & Conan’s ‘90s “SNL” Memories:

Kyle hosted an episode of “SNL” in 1990, which also happened to be Chris Farley’s
first episode. Fun fact: Conan also makes a cameo.

Kyle MacLachlan On Returning To “Twin Peaks” 25 Years Later:

The first run of “Twin Peaks” ended 25 years ago with Laura Palmer promising to see Kyle’s character “again in 25 years.” Fans on social media didn’t let Kyle or anyone else who worked on the show forget.

Kyle MacLachlan Is Really Into Halloween:

As October 31st approaches, Kyle is getting ready to install
a “haunted hallway” in his apartment and makes his own costume.
But how will Kyle top his kale costume from last year?

Kyle MacLachlan Channeled William Shatner In “Portlandia”:

When Kyle was asked to improvise a song on “Portlandia,”
he asked himself, “What would Bill Shatner do?”

Rob Schneider Remembers His Early Work On “Late Night”:

Rob and Conan reminisce about the time
Rob dropped by “Late Night” dressed as Superman.

Rob Schneider’s Tale Of The Self-Pleasuring Homeless Man:

A strange man “whacked away” in front of Rob’s house for three weeks.
But that’s not the worst part.

Rob Schneider Flew His Wife To L.A. For Their First Date:

As Rob puts it, that’s what famous people under 5’5” have to do to date beautiful women.

Rob Schneider On The Reality In “Real Rob”:

Rob insists that he really did get a dolphin shipped to his house for his daughter’s playdate.

Lisa Loeb “Lullaby Girl” 09/28/17:

Lisa Loeb performs the title track off her new LP.

On Monday, October 2nd, Conan welcomes
Adam Scott, Marsai Martin, and musical guest Grouplove

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