Last Night on CONAN – 9/25/17: Diego Luna | Aisha Tyler | Moses Storm

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, September 25th, Conan welcomes
Diego Luna, Aisha Tyler, and Moses Storm

Conan On Everyone Trump Alienated This Weekend:

Conan jokes about the NFL, the NBA, and Anthony Weiner.

Even More Email Marketing Fails:

Etsy might be too in tune with their base…

Coming 9/26: Conan’s Remote With Tom Cruise:

Last weekend Conan flew to London, found out where Tom Cruise was staying,
and pitched him a remote. Watch it tomorrow @ 11/10c on TBS.

Diego Luna On His Experience In The Mexico City Earthquake:

Diego watched a building collapse in front of him in Mexico City, and was struck by the inspiring sight of people running towards the damage to help. You can help provide earthquake relief by donating to

Diego Luna On Mariachi Bands That Overstay Their Welcome:

Diego explains Alfonso Cuarón’s theory that mariachis are like poppers…

U.S. Cinemas Censored Diego Luna’s Ball Grab:

The image of Diego grabbing himself on the Rudo y Cursi poster
was poorly photoshopped out for U.S. audiences.

Diego Luna Believes In The Force:

The “Rogue One” star doesn’t underestimate the Force.

Aisha Tyler’s Worst Stand-Up Gigs:

Aisha recalls a memorably bad stand-up gig where college kids threw pizza at her.
But at least she got a free meal out of it.

Aisha Tyler Read Books On The Back Of Her Dad’s Motorcycle:

Aisha’s dad was so nervous that she’d fall off the bike,
he had a custom harness made so she could keep her head in Middle Earth.

Moses Storm On Growing Up Poor:

Moses’ mom used to buy the value bucket of ice cream
because it was cheaper than buying an actual bucket.


On Tuesday, September 26th, Conan welcomes
Ellen Page, Impractical Jokers, and Caleb Synan

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