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[Cosplay 101] Quick and Easy Halloween Costuming – Doctor Who

by April Carvelli
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Halloween is coming up and you need something quick, easy and recognizable. Doctor Who has had a lot of incarnations over the years and many of those have had a very recognizable style. The odds are that you can throw at least one of these together rather quickly.

First Doctor – William Hartnell

Key elements for this costume are;

  • White hair or wig
  • Tuxedo Style Dress shirt (You want that collar)
  • Black ribbon bow tie (think western gambler style)
  • Pale tweed waistcoat
  • Long dress coat
  • Baggy tweed pants

For accessories he sometimes had a pocket watch, white scarf or black hat.

Second Doctor – Patrick Troughton

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Scruffy Beatle-style hair
  • Light blue shirt that is slightly too big
  • Bow tie
  • Well-used old dress coat
  • Suspenders
  • Baggy Plaid Pants
  • When you saw his feet it was frequently in unpolished ankle boots.

This Doctor was unkempt and frequently appeared to have dressed in a hurry. Accessories for him would be a handkerchief, a striped recorder (flute) and an old diary

Third Doctor – Jon Pertwee

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Apricot or grey curly hair
  • Shirt with frilly collars, frilly front panel and a large stiff collar
  • Velvet Jacket, as you can tell, it has changed several times, so any color except black or white will work.

Unlike his predecessor this doctor was an immaculate dresser. He was all about style. Common accessories were leather driving gloves, a gold pinkie rink and this was the first Doctor to truly have a sonic screwdriver.

Fourth Doctor – Tom Baker

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Brown, curly hair with sideburns
  • Long Coat in earth tone colors
  • His pants were usually a plaid, but not always
  • He had a special scarf that changed lengths part way through his run
  • Floppy brown felt hat

This was the first Doctor where the accessories truly made the man

Fifth Doctor – Peter Davison

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Blond Hair
  • White v-neck cricket sweater and colored neck
  • calf-length beige coat with red piping
  • Beige and red striped light-weight pants
  • White shoes
  • Celery..always keep a stalk of celery (with leaves) on your left breast of your coat

He would frequently lose the jacket or have a summer hat.

Sixth Doctor – Colin Baker

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Dark blonde, curly wig
  • White shirt with red question marks on the lapels
  • A long, turquoise, and polka-dotted tie in a similar style to the first Doctors tie
  • Deep-burgundy vest and blue mother-of-pearl buttons
  • Long frock coat in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Loose yellow with a black pinstripe pants
  • British racing green leather boots with a white rubber sole and red spats

This is the most colorful Doctor and probably the hardest costume to ‘throw together. As an accessory he frequently carried a multi-colored umbrella


The Seventh Doctor – Sylvester McCoy

Key elements for this costume are;

  • White Shirt
  • Dark patterned tie
  • Yellow sweater vest covered in red question marks
  • Plaid Pants
  • Panama Hat with pattered hatband
  • Scarf that matches the hatband
  • Question Mark umbrella

He also frequently had a matching handkerchief and a fob watch on the lapel.

The Eighth Doctor – Paul McGann

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Brown unkempt hair
  • High collar dress shirt
  • Satin Cravat
  • Six-button patterned waist coat
  • Velvet frock coat

This short-lived Doctor was accessorized by a pocket watch, suspenders, and a sonic screwdriver.

The Ninth Doctor – Christopher Eccleston

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Short cropped dark hair
  • V-neck dark-colored T-shirt
  • Medium-length leather coat with large lapels
  • Dark colored pants
  • Sturdy leather boots

Perhaps the easiest Doctor to cosplay. His two accessories were a sonic screwdriver and a house key on a string.

The Tenth Doctor – David Tennant

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Gelled, slightly messy hair
  • Normal dress shirt
  • Blue or brown Pinstripe men’s suit
  • Thin dark colored tie
  • Converse shoes in cream or red

If you wear a suit to work then you might have the makings for this Doctor cosplay. His standard accessories include a wallet with psychic paper, glasses, 3D Glasses and a sonic screwdriver.

The Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith

Key elements for this costume are;

  • Floppy bangs parted on the side
  • Standard dress shirt
  • Dark colored bowtie
  • Black skinny leg pants
  • Tweed jacket (though he does wear others)

Accessories frequently included a Fez and, sonic screwdriver with an emerald light

The Twelfth Doctor – Peter Capaldi

Key elements for this costume are;

  • A full head of grey hair
  • Pale skin
  • Dark colors
  • Long sleeves
  • Jacket
  • Black slim fit pants
  • Polished Doc Marten type boots

He frequently wore Victoria style jackets and tends to favor Victoria lapels, but they are not a 100% costume piece.There are no common accessories but he was seen with his sonic sunglasses in several episodes.


Good luck making your Doctor, now you just need to find a companion.

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