Last Night on CONAN – 9/14/17: Jim Jefferies | Katy Tur | Taylor Tomlinson

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On Thursday, September 14th, Conan welcomef
Jim Jefferies, Katy Tur, and Taylor Tomlinson

Conan On Trump’s Baffling New Accusation & More:

Conan jokes about Trump supporters, Facebook, and public penises.

Butterscotch The Clown & His Balloon Wife Returns To Defend Clowns:

Butterscotch wants the world to know that he only dreams about eating children,
and you can’t go to jail for dreaming!

The Pope Explains How He Got A Black Eye:

Pope Francis was on his sixth or seventh Corona and one thing led to another…

#ConanIsrael Sneak Peak: Gal Gadot:

In this preview of #ConanIsrael, Conan’s real reason for visiting Israel is revealed…

Jim Jefferies Accidentally Gave His Son Food Poisoning:

In his defense, Jim is new to parenting as a single dad.

Jim Jefferies: Testing Revealed That Women Find Brad Pitt Attractive:

Comedy Central’s crack audience research team found out that people like Brad Pitt.

Jim Jefferies Went Shooting With The Man Who Shot Bin Laden:

Jim isn’t a gun guy, but he did have a s***load of fun shooting with Rob O’Neill.

Jim Jefferies Told North Korea To Target Reno:

Jim targeted the city on “The Jim Jefferies Show” and the mayor of Reno clapped back
by making September 9th “Anti-Jim Jefferies Day.”

Katy Tur On Trump Calling Her “Little Katy”:

Conan presents Katy with a montage of her being taunted by
a fellow “weird orange haired freak.”

Katy Tur: Trump’s Smile Looks Like The Canadians in “South Park”:

PLUS: Katy covered Trump’s entire presidential campaign,
and she never once observed him laughing.

Katy Tur: Trump’s Campaign Rally Music Made Me Insane:

Katy is just thankful that Trump didn’t start playing
Backstreet Boys at 100 decibels until late in the campaign.

Katy Tur On Trump’s Bizarre Press Conference About Steak:

Katy remembers when Trump tried to defend his brand with a press conference/
infomercial about his company’s definitely real steaks, water, and wine.

Taylor Tomlinson On Growing Up Religious & Abstinent:

Taylor loves her very religious dad, but thinks he could use a software update.

On Monday, September 18th, Conan welcomes
Fred Savage, Paula Patton, and Shane Torres

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