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Last Night on CONAN – 9/13/17: Jackie Chan | Tig Notaro | Gov’t Mule

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, September 13th, Conan welcomed
Jackie Chan, Tig Notaro, and musical guest Gov’t Mule

Conan On The Most Eloquent Statement Ever Made By George W. Bush:

Conan jokes about Hillary Clinton’s new book, President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey, and fatbergs.

Consumers Have Questions About Apple’s Facial Recognition Software:

Some of the questions Apple received about their new facial recognition software were suspicious to say the least.

A Sneak Peek At Conan’s Visit To The West Bank:

Watch Conan’s powerful visit to the separation wall at the West Bank and more September 19th on TBS.

Jackie Chan Critiques Conan’s Introduction:

Jackie wishes Conan could introduce him without doing bad martial arts moves.

Jackie Chan On The First Time He Met Steven Spielberg:

Jackie didn’t quite know what to say, so he asked the “Jurassic Park” director
how he got humans and dinosaurs in the the same shot.

Jackie Chan Makes Conan Feel The Hole In His Head:

Jackie likes to do his own stunts,
which sometimes result in the odd skull cracking.

Jackie Chan On His Fear Of Needles:

Jackie is all for doing his own stunts in death-defying action sequences,
but don’t come near him with a needle.

Jackie Chan Wants To Play A Romantic Lead:

Jackie wants to star in a movie where he kisses women on the beach in slow motion,
but he fears he’s too old — like Conan.

Jackie Chan Choreographed The Action In “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”:

Jackie choreographed the action using a real stunt team,
which animators recreated for “The LEGO Ninjago Movie.”

Tig Notaro’s Wife Had To Audition To Play Her Love Interest On “One Mississippi”:

The network also demanded that Tig and Stephanie undergo a chemistry test.

Tig Notaro’s 1-Year-Old Son Likes To Yell “I’m Gay!”:

Or at least that’s how Tig is interpreting his incoherent mumbles.

Tig Notaro Got Her Sense Of Humor From Her Mom:

After Tig’s mom broke her toes in a bad car accident, she used the surgical screws as toothpicks in martinis.

Gov’t Mule “Stone Cold Rage” 09/13/17:

Gov’t Mule perform a song off their album Revolution Come…Revolution Go.


On Thursday, September 14th, Conan welcomes
Jim Jefferies, Katy Tur, and Taylor Tomlinson

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