Last Night on CONAN – 9/11/17: Heather Graham | Adam Conover | Jenny Zigrino

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, September 11th, Conan welcomed
Heather Graham, Adam Conover, and Jenny Zigrino.

Conan On The Dangerous Clown That Terrifies Children And Adults:

Conan jokes about President Trump, “It,” and Pope Francis.

Andy Richter’s Other TV Shows:

When he’s not on CONAN eating tzatziki sauce,
Andy’s hosting a cooking show about making tzatziki sauce.

Irish Spring’s Social Justice Ad:

There’s a new trend in advertising of brands addressing social issues.
Conan’s not sure Irish Spring is doing it right…

A #ConanIsrael Sneak Peek:

Watch Conan hit the beach in Tel Aviv and more in his latest travel special, premiering Tuesday, September 19th at 10/9c on TBS.

Heather Graham Tells A Dirty Joke About Sperm:

Heather goes blue with a filthy joke about two sperm en route to a uterus.

Heather Graham Has Chemistry With Conan:

If Tom Hanks can have chemistry with a volleyball, Heather can have chemistry with Conan.

Heather Graham & Conan Talk Murder:

As a “murder fan,” Conan is all too happy to discuss the
Menendez Brothers and Ted Bundy with Heather.

Adam Conover Explains The History Of Circumcision:

Fun fact: The inventor of Corn Flakes promoted circumcision
to stop kids from masturbating.

Adam Conover Pissed Off The Embalming Community:

Adam thinks that funeral homes are ripping people off with their embalmment services.

Adam Conover Debunks Soap & TOMS Shoes:

According to Adam, you don’t have to wash yourself with soap every day
and TOMS shoes are tomfoolery.

Adam Conover’s Bathroom Ads:

Thanks to Adam, we now know that urine splatters up to five feet.

Jenny Zigrino’s Butt Set Off The TSA Body Scanner:

Jenny was excited to get confirmation that her ass is a threat to homeland security.


On Tuesday, September 12th, Conan welcomes
Chris Hardwick, Bill Skarsgård, and musical guest Parcels.

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