Updated – Wizard World Madison (Sept. 22-24): Celebrity Guests

Wizard World Madison is the week of September 22nd and they have quite a lineup of celebrities and it is still two weeks away. Hopefully they get a few more. If you are interested in going, then remember you can use the code PopCultHQ10off to get 10% off of your celebrity experience.

9/20/17 Update

Just Added

9/19/17 Update

Just Added

9/18/17 Update:
More cancellations

9/15/17 Update:
More cancellations

9/14/17 Update:
Two new names have been added to the Wizard World Madison lineup;


If you want to see Stan Lee and get his autograph, this is your chance. Stan “The Man” Lee will be 95 years old this December and still going strong, but there is talk of him dropping the convention circuit soon. You never know, this may be your last chance to meet the man behind many of your favorite characters.

Stan Lee
Stan Lee

9/13/17 Update:

Michael Cuditz and Graham McTavish have cancelled.

Other celebrities that will be at this convention include;

Lennie James and Michael Cudlitz from The Walking Dead

Juliet Landau and Emily Caulfield from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Rachel Skarsten and Zoie Palmer from Lost Girl

As well as Sean Maher from Firefly, Ray Park from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, John de Lancie from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Graham McTavish from Outlander, voice actress Monica Rial, and of course Lou Ferrigno.

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