PopCultHQ Comic Book Review: SAVAGE DRAGON #226 from Image Comics


PopCultHQ received a review copy of SAVAGE DRAGON #226 from Image Comics. Available August 30th, 2017, the creative team for this series features writing and art from Erik Larsen, colors by Nikos Koutsis, and lettering from Chris Eliopoulos.

Here’s PopCultHQ’s spoiler-free review of…


Writer: Erik Larsen

Artist: Erik Larsen
Colorist: Nikos Koutsis
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
In Shops: August 30th, 2017
SRP: $3.99

SELF-CONTAINED ISSUE “TRUMPED” When a tyrannical madman assumes command of the United States, aliens are deemed a threat to national security and targeted for elimination—and that includes Malcolm Dragon and his family! With a country turned against him, Malcolm Dragon fights as he’s never fought before!

PopCultHQ’s Comic Book Review:
Savage Dragon #226


Erik Larsen continues to bring the world of Savage Dragon to readers in a way that is enjoyable and fun. This particular issue being a self-contained tale, there can be a political bent given its content matter and plot. But that does not stop it from being what it is first and foremost, an excellent comic book by an excellent writer. His art is amazing as always too, and will always continue to be so for as long as he works on the Savage Dragon comics.


Nikos Koutsis’ colors are the right choices for this particular issue of Savage Dragon. There is brightness to things like costumes and explosions, but a more muted, even faded coloring to things like skin tone, buildings, local environments. A lot of careful decision-making was made for the colors for this self-contained story, and it shows throughout the pages.

Chris Eliopoulos and his lettering is great in the story. Readers will feel the anger and hatred people have against Malcolm Dragon and his family, the tension in Malcolm’s voice as he deals with people turning against him and his family and other aliens throughout the nation.

PopCultHQ’s overall assessment:

A story that does not tie into the overall plot of Savage Dragon, this story has a serious political edge to it. It is almost a direct response to things happening throughout the world, but put within the context of a superhero comic. Readers will no doubt find this delightful, others may be upset by it, but all should remember, it’s only a comic book and should be treated as such, a story. It’s a darn fine story, but it’s still just a story.

PopCultHQ’s Rating:

5 Out of 5 Stars

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Writer/Artist – Erik Larsen






Colorist – Nikos Koutsis






Letterer – Chris Eliopoulos






Publisher – Image Comics