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[Preview] Action Lab’s 8/30 Release: MIRACULOUS ADVENTURES OF LADYBUG & CAT NOIR #2

by Jason Bennett
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This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment has the second issue of Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir, which features all-new stories that take place in the universe of the popular Zag Entertainment television show Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

The series follows two of the greatest superheroes of Paris, Ladybug and Cat Noir, as they attempt to thwart the villainous Hawk Moth. Fans of the Miraculous television show and newcomers alike can enjoy the new stories in Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir that you can’t see on TV! Readers will get action-packed scenes and learn valuable lessons.

Here’s a look at the covers, the storyline, and preview pages for this week’s debut from Action Lab Entertainment on New Comic Book Day! #NCBD


New Release for the week of August 30th, 2017


Miraculous Adventures #2 Cover A by Brian Hess

Miraculous Adventures #2 Cover B by Tony Fleecs


Created by: Thomas Astruc

Written by: Thomas Astruc, Mélanie Duval,
Fred Lenoir & Sébastien Thibaudeau

Artist: Brian Hess

Cover Artists:
Miraculous Team France (Cover A),
Tony Fleecs (Cover B)

Edited by: Nicole D’Andria and Bryan Seaton

The Trash Krakken Part 1

Marinette and her friends are having fun at the beach when an akumatized fisherman, Silurus, crashes their party! Controlling the water and catfish in the Seine, Silurus makes a lot of trouble for Ladybug and Cat Noir. Will they be able to stop him before he takes his revenge out on the citizens of Paris?

What people are saying about Miraculous Adventures:

“Honestly, I’d feel confident in handing this issue to just about everybody to read. This comic was much better than expected and I feel a step in the right direction for Miraculous Ladybug in the comics medium.” (The Broken Infinite)

This is a great first issue of the comic series!
I can’t wait to read more of their adventures while we wait for season 2!
” (Amazon Customer Review)


32 pgs./ A / FC                   $3.99/$2.99 digital


*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment

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