Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago – Sunday (Pt.1)

Chicago is never boring, especially with a convention in town. Sunday, August 27 was the final day of Wizard World. Sunday is considered ‘family day’ so you see a lot more children and there are (typically) more kid-centric events. This is also when a lot of us do our shopping , hoping that we can score some good deals.

Unfortunately for those that are after celebrity interactions, Sunday can be hit or miss. Many celebrity guests will leave early so they can catch planes to resume their normal work weeks on Monday. The nice thing about the convention this year was that it was a little slow, so catching more in person time with your favorite celebrity was a strong possibility as they weren’t as rushed as normal.

Wizard World Chicago Cosplay Coverage

Thursday cosplay photos

Friday cosplay photos pt. 1

Friday cosplay photos pt. 2

Friday cosplay photos pt. 3

Friday cosplay photos pt. 4

Saturday cosplay photos pt. 1

Saturday cosplay photos pt. 2

The cosplay was strong today and we managed to get some great shots;

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