Cosplay Photos: Wizard World Chicago – Saturday (Pt. 1)

Saturday is typically THE day for cosplay at Wizard World Chicago. This is when everyone brings out their best cosplay to pose for photos.  This is the day of the cosplay contest, so late in the day you are more likely to see the contest entrants. I managed to snag photos of a few of them.

The cosplay quality that we saw on Saturday was great and I was impressed by the quality and variety. It was nice to see some of the lesser known and less-played characters. There were also some fantastic group cosplays – A Hundred and One Dalmatians, The Great Mouse Detective, Guardians of the Galaxy and The Last Air Bender are just a few of them.

It was nice to see a member of Fern Gully make an appearance, wish I had seen Batty as well.  I loved seeing some lesser characters such as Solomon Grundy and a Killer Klown

The cosplay and the crowds did not seem as thick as they have been in previous years, but it was still a great time.

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