Last Night on CONAN – 8/24/17: Jane Lynch | Timothy Simons | Rancid

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On Thursday, August 24th, Conan welcomes
Jane LynchTimothy Simons,
and musical guest Rancid.

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Follow along live on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat as Conan documents
his latest overseas adventure, and look for #ConanIsrael this September on TBS.

EXCLUSIVE Preview Of The Game Of Thrones’ Finale:

Conan got a sneak peek at the upcoming “Game of Thrones” finale
that will break running time records and even the most patient of fans.

Jane Lynch Isn’t Excited About The Emmys:

Jane thinks the Emmys are fun, but going means
she has to stay up way past her 7pm bedtime.

Jane Lynch’s Odd Album Covers Collection:

We’re going to have nightmares about God’s Chosen Puppet.

Jane Lynch Skipped A Semester Of Spanish In College:

Jane only showed up to the first and last day of class but still managed to get a passing grade — and later an honorary doctorate.

Timothy Simons On The Most Brutal “Veep” Insults:

Timothy tries not to take nicknames like “Jolly Green Jizz Face” personally,
but it’s hard not to when strangers on the street are shouting it at you.

Timothy Simons On Adult Circumcision:

As research for his character’s adult circumcision on “Veep,” Timothy reached out to a friend who also got circumcised later in life. His friend didn’t get back to him.

Timothy Simons: My Mom’s Favorite “Veep” Actor Is Tony Hale:

Timothy’s mother isn’t cruel, she’s just a really big “Arrested Development” fan.

Timothy Simons Felt Out Of Place At The Peabody Awards:

Timothy felt out of place in room full of investigative journalists doing vital, dangerous work.

Rancid – “Ghost Of A Chance” 08/24/17:

Rancid perform a track off their latest album Trouble Maker.


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