Last Night on CONAN – 8/16/17: Conor McGregor | James Van Der Beek | Dan St. Germain

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On Wednesday, August 16th, Conan welcomes
UFC Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor,
actor James Van Der Beek (What Would Diplo Do?),
and comedian Dan St. Germain.

CONAN Monologue 08/16/17:

Conan jokes about President Trump, Mitch McConnell,
and other reasons to move to Canada.

KKK-Mart & More Companies Sticking By Trump:

Even though President Trump disbanded his Manufacturing Council,
some companies are still eager to show their allegiance to the president.

Why Didn’t This Go Viral?:

What does that viral video of the little boys meeting their new baby brother
have that THIS clip doesn’t have?

Conan Announces “Conan Without Borders: Israel”:

Conan is heading to Israel to enjoy the relative peace and quiet of the Middle East and help Jared Kushner broker a peace deal. Look for #ConanIsrael this fall on TBS.

Conor McGregor On Being A New Father:

Conor talks about what it’s been like to juggle raising a newborn son
and training for the fight of his life.

Conor McGregor Predicts He’ll Break Floyd Mayweather Inside Four Rounds:

Two years ago on CONAN, Conor got the wheels turning for
Mayweather vs. McGregor and predicted that he would “dismantle” Floyd.

Conor McGregor On How He’ll Dismantle Floyd Mayweather:

Step one: Don’t accidentally kick him in the ring.

Conor McGregor On Floyd Mayweather’s “Dancing With The Stars” Loss:

PLUS: How Conor feels about having Justin Bieber in his corner.

Why Conor McGregor Named His Father’s Boat “188”:

Conor explains that 188 was number of Euros
that he was collecting on welfare just four years ago.

Conan Gifts Conor McGregor Custom Fight Shorts:

Let’s just say Conor won’t be wearing the shorts in the ring unless Conan pays up.

James Van Der Beek’s 3-Year-Old Has Started Swearing:

It must run in the family, because according to James,
his beautiful wife has the “mouth of a truck driver.”

James Van Der Beek: Diplo Wanted Me To Play Him:

The “Frank Sinatra of EDM” handpicked James
to play him in the series “What Would Diplo Do?

 <Video not available at time of publishing. Will be added upon availability.>

Dan St. Germain Stand-Up 08/16/17:

Dan wants to make it clear that he voted for Hillary,
even though his goatee is campaigning for Kid Rock.


On Thursday, August 17th, Conan welcomes
Carl Reiner (HBO’s “If You’re Not In The Obit, Eat Breakfast“),
comedian Nikki Glaser, and musical guest Pokey LaFarge.

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