[Preview] Action Lab: Danger Zone 8/16 Release: AMERIKARATE #5 by Brockton McKinney, Corey Kalman, & Daniel Arruda Massa

This Wednesday, Action Lab Entertainment‘s Danger Zone imprint has the fifth issue of the kick-tastic series AMERIKARATE. Things are getting AmeriCrazy…thank goodness Sam and Cynthia are around. But can they keep things in check? Find out this week in an all new AMERIKARATE on #NCBD!

Here’s a look at the covers, storyline and preview pages for this week’s new release from Action Lab: Danger Zone on New Comic Book Day…


New Release for the week of August 16th, 2017


Amerikarate #5 – Cover A by Devin Roth


Writers: Brockton MckinneyCorey Kalman
Artist: Daniel Arruda Massa

Cover Artists: Devin RothDaniel Arruda MassaAnthony PetrieApril O’Neil

Item Codes: JUN171087JUN171088JUN171089JUN171090

In Shops: August 16, 2017
SRP: $3.99

AmeriKarate continues with a new storyline and the same outrageous, sexy, b-movie martial arts action that you demand! Sam and Cynthia are faced with a new hidden foe and crime wave that has the city shaking in its city-boots! Join us for a high-kicking new adventure and a shocking twist that will leave you clutching your book with a kung fu grip!


Cover A – Regular cover (unlimited): Devin Roth 
Cover B – Movie Poster Cover (limited to 1500): Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover C 
– Action Cover (limited to 1500): Anthony Petrie
Cover D 
– April O’Neil Cosplay Cover (limited to 1500)
What people are saying about AmeriKarate:

“Kalman and McKinney have captured the essence of cheesy and over the top 80’s action celluloid
unlike any other book out there.” (Rogues Portal)

“…a new and creative title that will have you spouting cheesy action movie one-liners in no time.”
(Geekery Magazine)

“AMERIKARATE screams fun and boy, does it deliver!” (PopCultHQ)


32 pgs./ M / FC                   $3.99 

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*** info courtesy of Action Lab Entertainment


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