Rick and Morty Gag Turns Into a $15,000 eBay Sale

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The power of the Internet can be astounding. When it is used for good, it’s a powerful force. When used for a joke, it can be earth shattering.

What started out as an obscure gag on Rick and Morty turned into several thousand dollars for one lucky eBay Seller, $15,350.00 to be exact.

The April Fool’s episode of Rick and Morty had a reoccurring gag that showed Rick obsessing over the 1998 McDonald’s Mulan-themed Szechuan dipping sauce. The sauce was run for a limited time as a promotion for the movie Mulan.

After the show fans quickly jumped on board and urged McDonald’s to bring it back.

Then creator Justin Roiland tweeted that McDonald’s sent him a half-gallon jug of the rare Szechuan Sauce from Dimension C1998-M. The bottle also  included a friendly note from “Chef Mike,” stating that a few lucky fans will also receive the new batch of this revived flavor-enhancer.

One of those lucky recipients then put the sauce on Ebay and netted a cool $15,350 for the sweet dipping sauce. According to the auction, it was being sold to settle some bills and help out a couple of charities in the process. The charities he chose were Extra Life, a children’s Miracle Network, and Able Gamers.

Congrats to the lucky winner. Now I wonder what a $15,000 dipping sauce tastes like…