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Last Night on CONAN – 8/10/17: Bryan Cranston | Sebastian Maniscalco | Aimee Mann

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, August 10th, Conan welcomes
actor Bryan Cranston,
comedian Sebastian Maniscalco,
and musical guest Aimee Mann.

CONAN Monologue 08/10/17:

Conan jokes about the Russian spy plane, the LA Rams, and the rats at Chipotle.

Conan Sings A Lullaby About North Korea:

Conan is here to help Americans sleep well at night with a soothing lullaby.

A Message From The Guam Tourist Board:

North Korea is threatening to launch ballistic missiles at Guam,
but don’t let that stop you from visiting!

Bryan Cranston Was Caught Having Sex On A Train:

To be fair, Bryan and his wife were on their honeymoon, and in Europe.

Bryan Cranston Learned How To Rappel For A Commercial:

A commercial called for an actor with mountaineering skills.
That wasn’t Bryan, but he got the role anyway.

Bryan Cranston Failed A “Breaking Bad” Quiz:

People assume that Bryan knows everything about “Breaking Bad,”
but he only got 3 out of 20 questions correct on an trivia quiz about the series.

Sebastian Maniscalco’s Friends Aren’t Impressed That He Made Forbes:

Sebastian’s friends don’t give two hoots about him
making the Forbes list of highest paid stand-up comedians.

Sebastian Maniscalco On Being A New Father:

Sebastian is really excited about his newborn daughter,
but he was disappointed with the hospital’s customer service.

Sebastian Maniscalco’s ’90s Headshot Didn’t Get Him Any Work:

Sebastian’s mom loved his headshot, but Hollywood wasn’t as impressed.

Sebastian Maniscalco: Jordan Schlansky Is More Italian Than Me:

Vespa riders like Sebastian and Jordan are just
trying to avoid being murdered on the L.A. streets.

Aimee Mann “Patient Zero” 08/10/17:

Aimee Mann plays a track off her album Mental Illness.


On Monday, August 14th, Conan welcomes
Senator Al Franken, Kate Micucci (Unleashed),
and musical guest Portugal.

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