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Last Night on CONAN – 8/9/17: Wesley Snipes | Louie Anderson | Drew Lynch

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, August 9th, Conan welcomes
Wesley SnipesLouie Anderson, and Drew Lynch.

 CONAN Monologue 08/09/17:

Conan jokes about Trump, North Korea, and the rise in alcoholism in the United States.

The Seth Rogen National Forest & More Questionable National Monuments:

There are many majestic national monuments in the United States. These are not them.

Robot Lincoln Reacts To Trump’s Fire & Fury:

The animatronic Lincoln is back and even more aghast at Trump’s rhetoric.

It’s Now Legal To Marry Your Gun In Texas:

Human-firearm unions are now legal in the Lone Star State, as long as the couple isn’t related by blood.

Wesley Snipes Stole Prince’s Role In Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Music Video:

Michael Jackson thought Wesley was an actual gang member,
which might have helped Wesley edge out Prince for the role.

Wesley Snipes Doesn’t Think He Made A Very Attractive Woman:

Wesley drags his appearance as a drag queen in “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar.”

Wesley Snipes’ Impromptu Performance With Justin Bieber:

Only in Cannes.

Wesley Snipes Can Slip Into Any Language:

Wesley is highly adept at speaking other languages — languages he doesn’t actually speak.

Louie Anderson On Living In Las Vegas:

Louie can tell someone on the Vegas Strip is drunk when they start swaying and making wrestling sounds.

Louie Anderson’s Fitbit Hack:

Louie has figured out a brilliant Fitbit hack: put it on your dog and head to the dog park.

Louie Anderson Is Turning Into His Parents:

Louie’s parents didn’t leave him any money,
but they did give him a judgmental attitude and a penchant for passive aggression.

Louie Anderson On Being Up Against Alec Baldwin At The Emmys:

Louie isn’t nervous so much as as he is smug about his win last year.

Drew Lynch Stand-Up 08/09/17:

Drew makes his late night stand-up debut with a set about stuttering, dating, and turtle shells.


On Thursday, August 10th, Conan welcomes
actor Bryan Cranston,
comedian Sebastian Maniscalco,
and musical guest Aimee Mann.

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