Get the Best of Dragon Con Without Leaving Your Living Room

Dragon Con is coming to Atlanta on Labor Day weekend (Sept 1-4th) and even if you can’t be there in person, you can still catch all the action.

Dragon Con is now offering live stream coverage via subscription service. The new streaming service will bring you the best of Dragon Con. You can see the panels, watch the costume contest, attend the parade and do so much more without fighting the crowds or standing in line.  And the best part is that you can re-watch the events or catch ones you missed for three months after Dragon Con.

Sign up for the subscription service and you will also get access to exclusive interviews, a slew of fan-produced comedy and front row viewing of the Masquerade.

The live streaming service is nearly identical to the video carried on the in-house channels of the five host hotels and will be available for $30 to non-badge holders. DragonCon badge holders will be able to subscribe for $10.

“Making live streaming available for members was a critical element of this service so that our fans can take a break from the convention but still get a chance to keep up with all the action,” Reeves said.  In addition to the five host hotels, Dragon Con fans stay at approximately two-dozen convention hotels and some Georgia residents commute from their homes to the convention.

Pre-convention sales of streaming subscriptions are available to members through August 26 at the Dragon Con online store at and through for those not attending the convention. Subscriptions will also be available during the convention at Onsite Registration and the Dragon Con retail stores.

The internet stream is scheduled to start Thursday, August 31st at 12:00pm and will conclude Monday,
September 4th at 2:00pm.

For more information on this service, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions document on