Last Night on CONAN – 8/7/17: Bob Newhart | Tom Segura | Sheryl Crow

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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, August 7th, Conan welcomed
legendary funnyman Bob Newhart,
comedian Tom Segura,
and musical guest Sheryl Crow.

CONAN Monologue 08/07/17:

Conan jokes about Trump’s vacation, Usher’s herpes, and #Pence2020.

Tim Cook Is The Face Of Apple’s New Instagram Account:

Steve Jobs had the iPhone. Tim Cook’s legacy will be his head badly photoshopped on a muscular torso.

Bob Newhart Remembers His Friend Don Rickles:

Don Rickles insulted Bob and his wife onstage at his Vegas show and the rest is history

Bob Newhart Can Get A Laugh With A Pause:

Conan compliments Bob on his ability to crack up a crowd by doing almost nothing.

Bob Newhart Explains How He & Axl Rose Are Linked:

Bob held an impressive album chart record, until he lost it to his “friend” Axl Rose.

Bob Newhart On the Comedian Who Stole His Material:

Bob’s material made it onto Steve Allen’s show, but unfortunately without Bob’s consent.

Bob Newhart On The Glaring Error In “The Bob Newhart Show” Opening Credits:

Chicago natives will notice that there is something way off in the opening credits of “The Bob Newhart Show.”

Bob Newhart Thinks Dr. Hartley Was Ineffective Therapist:

Bob thinks they should’ve pulled Dr. Hartley’s license.

Tom Segura’s Fans Fat-Shamed Him Into Losing Weight:

Tom’s fans aren’t cruel, he actually requested that they publicly put him down.

Tom Segura Is Raising A Multilingual Son:

Tom sees the utility in Spanish language fluency, but doesn’t understand why his wife
is making their son learn a Hungarian song about horse droppings.

Tom Segura Went To Great Lengths For Marijuana:

Tom can’t believe his son will grow up in a world where marijuana is sold at 7-Eleven.

Tom Segura’s Unfiltered Dad:

Ever since Tom became a father, his dad has really opened up about stuff
like women’s breasts and the Vietnam War.

Sheryl Crow “Be Myself” 08/07/17:

Sheryl Crow performs the title track off her latest album.


On Tuesday, August 8th, Conan welcomes
Jennifer Jason Leigh, Andrea Savage, and Benjamin Booker.

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