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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Show Us Medusa’s Lackluster Locks in Action

by April Carvelli
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Marvel’s Inhumans is set to debut this month and very few people are looking forward to it. This is perhaps the most poorly anticipated show out of the entire MCU. The only thing that anyone is anticipating about this show is the train wreck.

The newest trailer released by ABC shows Maximus and Medusa in a confrontation.

I have seen better action from a matted skein of yarn. Medusa’s hair lays on her head like a wet dog coat and the animation on it isn’t any better. I have seen shampoo commercials that do a better job portraying sentient hair.


In fact, here is a fantastic animate hair tutorial that I think their CG department might need to look at

The only value I think this show might have is as a drinking game, let’s hope it gets better.


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