Wizard World Columbus 2017: Celebrity Schedule

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There are a lot of nay sayers when it comes to Wizard World, but you have to give them kudos for trying out new and different concepts. Some things work and some things don’t. Their newest idea I think is fantastic. It is an easy to follow chart listing the schedule of their celebrity guests at the Wizard World Columbus. If you want to see all of the celebrities attending, check out our article on the celebrities.

This is only a screen shot, but if you head over to their page you get a nice, easy-to-read spreadsheet that lays it out beautifully. The only thing they are missing is a print option. It would be nice if you could print and convert it to a pdf so you can download it to your phone, or have a sheet to carry with you or lay out a plan of action with your friends.

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To see what else is coming to your neck of the woods this year watch the 2017 Cosplay Convention List or to plan next year head over to the