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The CW Reveals Their Plans For This Year’s DC Show Crossovers

by Tori Ann
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Last year’s big crossover event (titled Heroes vs. Aliens), told its story over four different nights on the network. For this year’s event, it looks like The CW is going to be changing that a little.

It was announced today that the four-show crossover will only be told over two nights, telling two-hour “movies” each night that are connected to a larger story. Supergirl and Arrow will kick things off on November 27, when the Emerald Archer will make a one-time move to Monday so it can air back-to-back with Supergirl. The following night will see The Flash paired up with Legends of Tomorrow.

CW President Mark Pedowitz spoke about the change-up, saying. “We felt in this particular case we had Flash on Legends paired, so it was better to make it a two two hour movies –a miniseries- we thought this was the best way to go. We had a lot of conversations with producers and marketing people. Next year, we might go back to four nights.”

Doing the crossover this way should lead to some interesting character moments, especially given Oliver’s reluctance to even engage with Kara the last time they were together. With their shows being paired together, he will likely have to rethink his opinion on the Kryptonian heroine.

What type of story would you like to see for this year’s event? Who would you like to see them fight? Let us know in the comments!

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