#SDCC2017 – CONAN at Comic-Con: The Cast of “Game of Thrones”

On Sunday, July 23rd, Conan returned LIVE from
Comic-Con International: San Diego with the cast of “Game of Thrones” –
Alfie Allen, Jacob Anderson, John Bradley, Gwendoline Christie, Liam Cunningham, Nathalie Emmanuel, Conleth Hill, Sophie Turner and Isaac Hempstead Wright.

T.J. Miller Cosplays As The Iron Throne:

T.J. welded himself into a giant chair made out of real iron swords
and now he’s sweating more than a caterer at the Red Wedding.

#ConanCon Monologue 07/23/17:

Conan has the inside scoop that Sean Spicer resigned as
White House Press Secretary to get a new job defending Hydra.

The Invasion Of The Pre-CGI Apes:

The apes in the “Planet of the Apes” movies are formidable and frightening.
Actors in motion capture suits are not.

Conan’s Superhero Vehicle Hits The Streets Of San Diego:

Conan patrolled the streets of San Diego in his custom superhero vehicle
but forgot to fill the gas tank.

Conan Remembers Adam West:

Conan pays tribute to the iconic star of the “Batman” TV series.

The #ConanCon Audience Hums The “Game of Thrones” Theme Song:

The audience welcomes the “Game of Thrones” cast by humming their theme song.

John Bradley Compares Kit Harrington To The Mona Lisa:

John thinks seeing Kit on-screen is nice enough,
but it’s nothing compared to “the live experience.”

EXCLUSIVE “Game of Thrones” Paparazzi Photos:

R2D2 becoming a Sworn Brother of the Night’s Watch is definitely not in the books.

Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Have Matching Tattoos:

Sophie got inked in a peach color, making her tattoo nearly indecipherable.

Sophie Turner: Maisie Williams Didn’t Recognize Bono:

Maisie went backstage at a U2 concert and asked Bono for his name.

Isaac Hempstead Wright On Bran’s Bad Luck:

It all went downhill for Bran after he witnessed “a bit of incest.”

Three Men On The #ConanCon Stage Are Eunuchs:

Conan suggests Conleth Hill, Jacob Anderson,
and Alfie Allen form a eunuch support group.

Jacob Anderson’s Encounter With An Enthusiastic Greyworm Fan:

Jacob was on the subway when a fellow passenger used colorful language
to express their enthusiasm for his “Game of Thrones” character.

Gwendoline Christie’s Dentist Begged Her For “Game Of Thrones” Spoilers:

Minutes after undergoing a painful root canal,
Gwendoline’s dental nurse harangued her for “Game of Thrones” scoop.

Isaac Hempstead Wright & Kristian Nairn Reunite At #ConanCon:

Bran’s big friendly giant is back from the dead for one night only.






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