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#SDCC2017: Enter Westeros at this ‘Game of Thrones’ Pop-Up Bar

by Tori Ann
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One of the many benefits of attending San Diego Comic Con is all of the pop-up bars and interactive experiences taking place outside the convention. HBO created a Game of Thrones activation-event with the sights and sounds of Westeros for those currently in San Diego, and it looks like the perfect way to escape the hectic convention for a while.

In addition to serving Game of Thrones-themed beer and wine, there is plenty for the attendees to interact with. Syfy Wire shared a video walking us through the event.

Not only can you see weirwood trees and a recreation of Stannis Baratheon’s map room, but you can view the costumes of characters like Tyrion Lannister. A Game of Thrones pop-up would not be complete without a throne, and there are two thrones for you to sit on, including the famous Iron Throne. Attendees can also fight White Walkers in the 360 degree video booth and use the replica swords and capes.

What is your favorite part of this pop-up bar? Have you had the chance to visit it? Who to you think will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne and rule Westeros? Let us know in the comments!

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