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[Preview] RAPTURE #2 Rushed Back to Printers, RAPTURE #3 Out Today!

by Jason Bennett
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Valiant’s Sold-Out RAPTURE #2 Returns with Second Printing in August!

Valiant is proud to announce that RAPTURE #2 – the next spectacular chapter to the summer’s astounding standalone event from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (X-O MANOWAR, Mind MGMT) and explosive artist CAFU (RAI) – has sold out at the distributor level and will return to store shelves everywhere with the RAPTURE #2 SECOND PRINTING on August 16th! As an ancient evil rises to storm the heavens, the unstoppable assassin codenamed Ninjak and the fallen supernatural guardian known as Shadowman must combine might and magic to save humanity from a catastrophe of biblical proportions!


Written by Matt Kindt
Art by CAFU & Roberto de la Torre
Cover by Mico Suayan (JUN178076)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale AUGUST 16th (FOC ­– 7/24/17)

On a scarred landscape, two otherworldly armies prepare to battle one last time, vying for control of a massive tower named from an ancient language no longer permitted to be spoken.

One army is led by a primeval force named Babel, whose goal is singular: to breach “Heaven” no matter the cost. The only thing standing in his way is a gray-haired barbaric warrior, filled with rage and regret, a man who sees this battle as his last chance for redemption. But he knows his depleted forces have little chance of victory unless aid comes.

Enter Tama: A 12-year old girl on the crest of a hill overlooking the battle, who has just become humanity’s only hope. The last in an ancient line of mystics who protect the Earth, she has foreseen this battle and knows millions will perish if she’s unable to stop it. Now Tama and her ragtag team of malcontents – Ninjak, Shadowman and Punk Mambo – must somehow defeat an elder god hell bent on piercing the heavens.



RAPTURE #2 SECOND PRINTING – Interior Artwork by CAFU with Andrew Dalhouse

As Valiant’s fantastic superhero epic journeys toward an earth-shaking conclusion, see why critics everywhere are hailing it as the must-read event of the summer!

✮✮✮✮✮… Tightly written… A must-buy.” ­­­– Comics: The Gathering

✮✮✮✮½… An engaging, brilliant ride… [RAPTURE] will smother readers in bliss.” – The Broken Infinite

✮✮✮✮½ … Transcendent… A beautiful looking comic.” – Graphic Policy

✮✮✮✮½… RAPTURE  is very well conceived and executed… Visually stunning and thought-provoking.” – All-Comic

✮✮✮✮… An action packed… and contemplative event… More than satisfying.” – SciFi Pulse

✮✮✮✮… Exciting… Rapture is a big, bold comic.” – HorrorTalk

On August 16th, Shadowman’s long road back to the front lines of the Valiant Universe starts here as Matt Kindt and CAFU lead Valiant’s first fantasy-fueled summer event in the RAPTURE #2 SECOND PRINTING!

PLUS: In stores today, Ninjak and Shadowman’s supernatural quest reaches a cataclysmic climax in RAPTURE #3 (of 4) – the latest chapter to Valiant’s paranormal blockbuster event! Deep within the heart of the Deadside, the supernatural evil known as Babel is primed to infiltrate the heavens…and the only piece left in achieving his mad dream is Shadowman!
RAPTURE #3 (of 4)

Written by Matt Kindt
Art by CAFURoberto de la Torre

Cover A by Mico Suayan (MAY171976)
Cover B by J.G. Jones (MAY171977)
Character Design Variant by Ryan Lee (MAY171979)
Variant Cover by Felipe Massafera (MAY171980)
B&W Sketch Variant by Mico Suayan (MAY171981)
Ninjak Vs. The Valiant Universe Variant Also Available (MAY171978)

Beware the lords of the Deadside!

Ninjak and Shadowman have launched an all-out assault against Babel – the ancient being determined to breach heaven – on the dark and decaying battlefields of the Deadside. But are the combined might of sword and shadow enough to stop this biblical force of nature…or will they need the help of an ancient and weary warrior whose power transcends their understanding? And as oblivion inches ever closer to Earth, Tama the Geomancer and Punk Mambo must step out of the darkness and halt Babel’s forces from infiltrating the land of the living as Valiant’s Shadowman-driven standalone event fight on!



Rapture #3 - Cover B by J.G. Jones
Rapture #3 - Character Design Variant by Ryan Lee
Rapture #3 - Variant Cover by Felipe Massafera
Rapture #3 - Sketch Variant Cover by Mico Suayan
Rapture #3 - Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe Variant Cover


$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale JULY 19th (FOC – 6/21/17)





*** info courtesy of Valiant Entertainment

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