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Jack Kirby Honored at D23

by April Carvelli
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When you talk about comics there are some names that just stand out, one of those names is Jack Kirby. Known by many as the the “King of Comics,” Kirby defined what is known today as the Marvel comic style. He created hundreds of characters that jumped off the pages and enriched many childhood fantasies.

Jack started in the comics industry in the 1930’s and was responsible for many of the iconic characters we know and love today. Unfortunately, in 1994, Jack Kirby passed from this world but his legend lives on in our memories and his legacy continues in the current comics.

His contribution to the comic world was honored at D23 2017 with the Disney Legends Award. Jack’s son Neal was on hand to represent his father and accept the award. Check out the presentation below;


For more about Jack Kirby check out his biography or the Jack Kirby Museum where you can find out all sorts of interesting comics and designs he made, such as these awesome Shakespearean designs.



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