The ‘Supernatural’ Brothers May Be Retiring But the Torch Will Carry On w/ the Wayward Sisters


After a 14-year run filled with highs, lows, magic, supernatural and plain old human stupidity that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester finally get reach their ultimate goal and get to retire as ‘old hunters.’ OR at least that is how many of us hope they end the series.

Even if the brothers don’t get to retire, Supernatural will have it’s final run during season 14. It has a been a very long run for a show that hung on a thread for the first several seasons. As of 2015, it is officially the longest running sci-fi TV series.

It may be the end of the run for the Winchester Brothers, but the legacy will continue as there are plans for a spin-off series called “Wayward Sisters.” According to Deadline  Supernatural‘s  Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer are signed on with the network for the new series. Thus far, only actress Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) has signed up, but the show is rumored to focus around Jody and her family. Whether the original actresses will return to those roles is uncertain at this point.