[Interview] Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con 2017: Rob Liefeld

PopCultHQ was on-hand to cover this year’s Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. While temps outside were around 118 degrees each day, it was plenty comfortable inside with the refreshing Las Vegas Convention Center’s A/C and the cool guests who appeared for the event. We were fortunate to get to speak with one of the spotlight guests at this year’s con, writer/artist Rob Liefeld. He is the creator of the characters Deadpool (first appearing in New Mutants #98) and Cable (first appearing in New Mutants #87), as well as the superhero team YOUNGBLOOD (published by Image Comics) and a series of titles across his Extreme Universe (BadrockBloodstrikeBrigadeTeam YoungbloodGloryProphetSupreme and others), and a co-founder of Image Comics. Phew!

We spoke with Rob about the recent relaunch of his YOUNGBLOOD series, featuring the writing of Chad Bowers with illustrations by Jim Towe, an update on the cinematic plans for his Extreme Universe, and his thoughts on Cable and Deadpool 2.

PopCultHQ Interview:
Rob Liefeld

PopCultHQ: This year marks the 25th anniversary of Image Comics. How excited are you about the resurgence of YOUNGBLOOD? The first issue was sent back for a second printing. This is also the 25th anniversary for the series as well.

Rob Liefeld: Image 25 has really been thrilling. It really is inspiring to know we’ve come 25 years. And there’s just a lot of warm memories between all of us on what we’ve accomplished. Of course YOUNGBLOOD, coming back and being so well-received…I had hoped, but in this day and age you just never know. There’s a lot of stuff I really love  that isn’t embraced. So you never know what fans will embrace. I feel very fortunate that people embraced our relaunch and the work that Chad [Bowers] did and Jim Towe did, his artwork’s fantastic.

PopCultHQ: Definitely awesome. In conjunction with that, You had the Extreme reunion here (at Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con). Do you have anything you can share on the big screen front and the Extreme Universe

Rob: I’ve got a number of well-publicized, different producers and financing deals. To me, it’s important to get it right. As I’ve gotten older, I’m just in no rush. If it can’t be done right, let’s not do it. And if that means I’m going to take a little longer, then I’m going to take a little longer. But there is no shortage of people who want to get this stuff done, but I am making sure, like Deadpool, let’s use Deadpool, and even Deadpool 2. They didn’t rush it into production a year later. It’s two? Two years, four months later? And now the movie is rolling and I think we all benefit when we just take our time.

PopCultHQ: Tying in with that, Deadpool did great in the theaters…

Rob: Yes!

PopCultHQ: You’ve had your creation come to life. Now with Cable coming, another creation of yours, how does that feel?

Rob: Oh my gosh, Cable is…to see him and Deadpool teamed on-screen? And to see Ryan Reynolds playing off Josh Brolin? It’s going to be a thrill. I think…

PopCultHQ: Are you a part of that?

Rob: I’m aware. I’m not going to say I’m a part of it, that’s overstepping, but certainly they’ve always been very generous with me. They’re aware of how enthusiastic I am. Using myself, I think they want to please the masses. I think so far…look I’ll be honest, if they make a wrong move, I won’t cheer it. It doesn’t just come automatically. They have absolutely, so far, casting…just hit all the right notes.

PopCultHQ: So you’re happy with everything so far?

Rob: I think it looks great.


Special thanks to Rob Liefeld for making the time to speak with us.
Be sure to follow Rob online (links below)
and check out YOUNGBLOOD, out now from Image Comics!

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