Celebrate The 4th Of July With These Patriotic Cosplays

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Today in America we are celebrating Independence Day, more commonly known as the 4th of July, commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Pop culture is rife with examples of patriotic figures, especially in comic books and video games. Here are a few patriotic cosplays that I particularly enjoyed.

This Captain America Deadpool cosplay is by Toronto Captain America.

This incredible motorized patriot cosplay from Bioshock: Infinite is by Erri Kitten Cosplay.

This stunning Connor Kenway from Assassins Creed III is by 6silver9.

Captain America is a popular mashup element, as seen in this Captain Spiderman by idiotengine.

Some cosplayers modify a cosplay so that it fits them and their personality better, like this female Captain America by Hijabi Hooligan.

Thanks to the success of the musical Hamilton, the founding father has become a source of cosplay inspiration in recent years.

Peggy Carter rocked the red, white, and blue long well World War II when she was back stateside working in the SSR. Lipstick on Your Cosplay captures the character’s grace and determination flawlessly.

I would be remiss if I didn’t share a cosplay of the man himself – Captain America, the First Avenger. Ranger Six shows the strength and determination of Steve Rogers in fantastic fashion. Photo by Kaminsky Kandids Photography.

Do you have a favorite patriotic cosplay? Let us know in the comments!

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