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Last Night on CONAN – 6/21/17: Leslie Jones | Jeffrey Toobin | Mac DeMarco

by Jason Bennett
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PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Wednesday, June 21st, Conan welcomed
Leslie Jones (BET Awards),
Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker),
and musical guest Mac DeMarco.

CONAN Monologue 06/21/17

Conan jokes about Jared Kushner, Girl Scouts, and Lucky Charms.

Canada’s Glow-In-The-Dark Coin Is Already Causing Problems:

Canadians are filling their pockets with toonies
and it’s leading to some uncomfortable situations.

Audience Theme Songs: Batman’s Webmaster Edition:

CONAN audience members’ secret identities are revealed through song.

Leslie Jones Finds Love In the CONAN Audience:

Leslie thinks all men are scared of her,
but one CONAN audience member wants to prove her wrong.

Leslie Jones Is Excited To Host The BET Awards:

Conan really thought this was his year,
but if it has to be someone else, he’s glad it’s Leslie.

How Leslie Jones Wound Up Playing Trump On “SNL”:

Leslie is known for doing terrible impressions that all sound Jamaican,
but she was eager to give Trump a go.

Leslie Jones: “If I Was Gay, I’d Be Crushin'”:

Leslie’s “SNL” co-star Kate McKinnon thinks Leslie would do very well
if she was into women.

Leslie Jones Is A Very Passionate Knicks Fan:

A lot of things make Leslie ticklish on the inside,
and one of those things is the New York Knicks.

Leslie Jones Wants To Be A Supervillian:

Leslie already has a costume in mind: a leather cape with blades to cut her enemies.

Jeffrey Toobin: There’s Almost No Chance Trump Will Be Impeached:

Because Trump has a Republican Congress behind him,
Jeffrey thinks Trump will serve out his four year term.

Jeffrey Toobin On Trump’s Tweets & Cable News Diet:

Jeffrey is pretty sure spellcheck is available in the White House and thinks the President should take advantage of those resources when he tweets.

Jeffrey Toobin On The Comey Firing & Possible Obstruction of Justice:

Jeffrey thinks that if you need to clear an entire room to talk to someone,
you’re probably doing something wrong…

Mac DeMarco “On The Level” 06/21/17:

Mac DeMarco performs a track off his album This Old Dog.


On Thursday, June 22nd, Conan welcomes
Will Ferrell (The House),
and musical guest Ha Ha Tonka.

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