Last Night on CONAN – 6/20/17: Elle Fanning | Ally Maki | James Acaster

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Tuesday, June 20th, Conan welcomed
Elle Fanning (The Beguiled),
Ally Maki (Wrecked),
and comedian James Acaster.

CONAN Monologue 06/20/17:

Conan jokes about Sean Spicer’s weight, Nazi artifacts,
and the ghost of Richard Nixon.

Trump Found His Lawyer On TV:

The President hired his lawyer Jay Sekulow after seeing him on Fox News.
Did Trump also catch his TV commercial?

Andy Richter Refuses To Give Up French Fries:

This is the hill Andy will die on. Perhaps literally.

Donate To The Committee To Protect Journalists:

Any attack on the free press comes at a price. Body-slamming a reporter
will run you $50,000, but defenestration will cost you $150,000.

Elle Fanning Got To Sit In Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” Chair:

Elle and her “The Beguiled” co-stars freaked out when they realized they were filming at the same location where Beyoncé shot her visual album.

Elle Fanning Has A Mean Left Hook:

In a boxing match between Elle and Conan, we’d put our money on Elle.

Elle Fanning Was Known As “Fainting Girl” In Middle School:

Elle Fanning accidentally stabbed herself with a pencil, fainted,
and had her skirt fly up — all on the first day of 7th grade.

Elle Fanning Had Her First Kiss On Camera:

Elle got to pick her first kiss out of a binder full of boys.

Conan Is Ally Maki’s Celebrity Crush:

Ally also fancies “Good Will Hunting”-era Ben Affleck and
“Transformers”-era Shia LaBeouf, but insists her love for Conan is timeless.

Ally Maki And Andy Richter Bonded Over King Crab:

Ally’s first encounter with Conan wasn’t memorable, but she and Andy had a long, meaningful conversation — that Andy doesn’t quite remember.

Ally Maki Stole Justin Bieber’s Jersey:

Ally is a big Belieber and apparently also a thief.

James Acaster’s Apricot Routine:

The only thing James enjoys more than ready to eat apricots
is the “sexy battery” taste of Dr. Pepper.


On Wednesday, June 21st, Conan welcomes
Jeffrey Toobin (The New Yorker),
Leslie Jones (BET Awards),
and musical guest Mac DeMarco.

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