See The New Roster Of Heroes For ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars’

Last season, the Marvel’s Avengers Assemble cartoon on Disney XD rebranded its title to go along with the main story arc of the season, taking the name Ultron Revolution. For the upcoming season 4, the show will take on the name Avengers: Secret Wars. Along with the new title also comes a host of new characters which we get to see in the official trailer that came out today.

After the Cabal (Arnim Zola, Kang the Conqueror, Executioner, Enchantress, and Leader) scatters the Avengers across time and space, Black Panther forms the New Avengers to both take their place and help find the Avengers. The new season will see the return of Ant-Man, Ms. Marvel, Vision, and Captain Marvel, as well as new characters such as Jane Foster as Thor and the Wasp. Hayley Atwell will make a voice appearance in the show to reprise the character of Agent Peggy Carter.

Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars will premiere Saturday, June 17 at 11:30AM Eastern/10:30AM Central on Disney XD.

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