Last Night on CONAN – 6/8/17: Patty Jenkins | Riley Keough | Laurie Kilmartin

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Thursday, June 8th, Conan welcomed
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins,
actress Riley Keough (It Comes At Night),
and comedian Laurie Kilmartin (45 Jokes About My Dead Dad).

CONAN Monologue 06/08/17:
Conan jokes about Comey’s hearing, Paul Ryan’s defense of Trump,
and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The Distracting CONAN Ads During The Comey Hearing:
We may have been a little heavy handed
with the CONAN ads on our sister channel CNN.

Street Vendors In D.C. Are Selling Comey Merch:
Opportunistic street vendors are making serious bank selling swag like bumper stickers that say: “WHERE’S THE PEE TAPE?”

Are You Up To Date On Williamsburg’s Fidget Spinner Laws?:
Andy and Conan are here to make sure you’re hip to the latest laws
in Brooklyn and around the country.

Patty Jenkins: “Wonder Woman” Came At A Perfect Time:
Conan agrees, telling the “Wonder Woman” director,
“We need a movie where a woman kicks ass and takes over the world.”

Patty Jenkins’s Nickname Was “Wonder Woman” In High School:
Patty was given this prophetic nickname sarcastically
after she very publicly tripped in the cafeteria.

How Patty Jenkins Cast Her Army Of Amazon Women:
Patty found badass athletes from all over the world
to populate the island of Themyscira.

Patty Jenkins Casts Conan In the “Wonder Woman” Sequel:
Apparently Conan’s training session with Gal Gadot
made quite the impression on Patty.

Patty Jenkins: Men & Women Fight Differently:
Patty thinks men delight in besting their opponent,
while women just want to get the job done.

Patty Jenkins Hopes To Direct The “Wonder Woman” Sequel:
It’s not confirmed, but Patty says they’re working
on getting her back in the director’s chair.

Riley Keough Is Married To The Doof Warrior From “Mad Max”:
Riley heard a rumor that Conan once dressed up like her husband…

Riley Keough Is Terrified Of Clowns:
Riley was always afraid of the “It” clown as a child,
but it was her friend’s horrible prank that sent her over the edge.

Riley Keough Snuck On Set For Channing Tatum’s “Magic Mike” Performances:
While shooting “Magic Mike,” Riley often found herself
lingering around the set to watch Channing get down.

Laurie Kilmartin On Single Parenting & Masturbation Etiquette:
Laurie would like to get the word out that
she is ready and willing to have sex on the first date.

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