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Preview Action Lab: Danger Zone’s MEDISIN Vol.1: FIRST DO NO HARM by Jeff Dyer, David Brame & Joaquin Pereyra

by Jason Bennett
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Because Even Super Villains Need Healthcare

Action Lab: Danger Zone presents MediSin Volume 1: First Do No Harm, collecting issues #1-3. Get in on the ground floor of Action Lab’s sensational new series MediSin as a team of blackmailed physicians provide health care for super villains.


Writers: Jeff Dyer and Dr. Mark McKeon 
Artists: David Brame (pencils), Joaquin Pereyra (colors)
Cover Artist: David Brame
Letters: Adam Wollet

Ethan Sharp leads the MEDICS, doctors who struggle to uphold their oaths while aiding the world’s worst super villains, all of them led by the nefarious Malady. But Ethan’s secret history is revealed: his grandfather was Quick Thinker, a notorious super villain. When one of the MEDICS goes rogue, the team will learn a terrifying lesson from Malady.

Meanwhile, abused sidekick Crimson Crow seeks aid and finds it in the all-too-nurturing arms of Dr. Stribling, while Dr. Ramirez finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with Polecat and Arsoness.

MediSin is already taking fans by surprise and the diagnosis is positive!
What people are saying about MediSin:
An interesting introduction to a thought-provoking question…” (AiPT!)
“…MediSIN’s mix of human drama and unapologetically realistic superhero combat
makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read.” (Big Comic Page)”…for those who love dark, gritty, violent deconstructionist superhero stories this might be your new favorite comic.” (Outright Geekery)

Writer and co-creator Jeff Dyer came up with the idea for MediSin after years of reading comic books. “I always wondered where the super villains went after the battles to get patched up,” Dyer explained. “They couldn’t just walk into a regular hospital or they’d be arrested for their crimes. They would clearly need an alternate form of medicine, something a bit unusual.”


96 pgs./ T+ / FC    $11.99

MediSin Volume 1: First Do No Harm will be available in a comic shop near you on August 9th, 2017. Use the Diamond item code JUN171106 to order now. First Do No Harm culminates in a stunning cliffhanger that will be resolved in Volume 2: In the Grip of Malady.

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