Go Behind The Scenes of ‘Wonder Woman’ With This Extended Featurette

If you still aren’t sure if you’ll be seeing Wonder Woman once it comes out this weekend, there’s a new featurette out that is sure to help you make up your mind. The video goes in-depth about the hard work that went into telling the story of the Amazonian princess, from choosing the right actors to portray these iconic characters, juggling all the different filming locations, finding the balance of showing two vastly different worlds, the hard work of the female actors to get into Amazon shape, and what they hoped to accomplish with telling the story of Diana Prince.

Everyone involved in the production seemed truly committed to doing justice to the character with this film, particularly director Patty Jenkins, who has had a connection to Wonder Woman since she was young. It was important that they keep her optimism and desire to help others.

Wonder Woman will be in theaters June 2nd.

What was your favorite part of this featurette? Will you be seeing Wonder Woman this weekend? What are you looking forward to seeing most in this movie? Let us know is the comments!

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