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Superhero Fight at MCM Comic Con?…. NOT!!!

by April Carvelli
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On May 28, 2017 The Sun ran the headline;


Fan steps in to separate Flash Gordon’s Sam J Jones and the Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno during blazing row at London’s Comic Con

I apologize to those that were looking for some hot news, but…there was no conflict, not between those two stars anyhow.

The Sun is well known for their sensationalized headlines. Please note that everything in the original article is based off what one person, Darryn Clements, said. There is no corroboration from any other witnesses.

If there was a conflict at such a public event, as the MCM London, then why are there no other witnesses, no photos and no video? I haven’t even found any other paper or news source has spoken with this Darryn Clements since the incident.

In fact, when other new sources asked the celebrities about it. Sam J. Jones told them that he and Lou Ferrigno had stopped a minor conflict between fans, which is the only conflict I can find. Also, why would the two celebrities go to dinner that evening if they were close to blows earlier that day?

If you look at the photos that The Sun used on the article…yes, both actors have what can be perceived as angry expressions, but they could also photos taken mid-conversation.  If you have ever seen either man at a convention, you will see that both frequently wear the ‘tough guy’ persona, they are acting and trying to keep an appearance.

As for being close, Lou has suffered with hearing loss since he was young. The convention floor is noisy and can be difficult for people with good hearing, imagine what it is like for him?

If you want to believe there was a conflict, go for it…but you probably read and believe the National Enquirer too.





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