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See This A Capella Tribute To Composer John Williams

by Tori Ann
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If you’re a fan of iconic movies, chances are high that you are very familiar with the music of legendary composer John Williams. At Harvard University’s graduation ceremony this year, he was presented with an honorary doctorate for music. Making the event even more special, student a capella group Din and Tonics performed some of the music from his most famous movies.

Williams clearly enjoyed the heartfelt tribute, but the most fun of all was possibly had by the performers themselves. Whether it was miming a whip crack or riding a horse for Indiana Jones, whispering in Parseltongue during Harry Potter, acting out the finger touch from E.T., pretending to be the title character of Jaws, or pulling a Clark Kent during Superman, they clearly enjoyed adding those little touches to their singing. From the beginning with Star Wars to the very end with a mashup of all the themes, I’m sure that they included at least a small part from everyone’s favorite film.

Do you have a favorite film that owes it’s music to John Williams? Let us know in the comments!

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