Two Years Ago Today – May 26, 2015

On May 26th, 2015 we announced the loss of a great writer, Tanith Lee. The author of The Silver Metal Lover and Tales from the Flat Earth series passed away at the age of 67. She had a long writing career that began in 1971 when Macmillan published her first novel, The Dragon Hoard, and continued through over 90 novels and 300 short stories.

This was also the first time we covered MCM London Convention. Of course, we couldn’t go ourselves, so we lived vicariously through others.

May asked us What happens when Halo comes face to face with Call of Duty? You get a master piece!  Or in this case, a Master Chief. Check out the great video by RackaRacka, also known as Danny and Michael Philippou.

And Manny gave us a mind-blowing preview of  Treadwater, a new graphic novel by creator Morgan Rosenblum and actor Chad L. Coleman.