Last Night on CONAN – 5/22/17: Justin Theroux | Don Lemon | Seaton Smith

PopCultHQ brings you all the best clips from last night on CONAN!

On Monday, May 22nd, Conan welcomed
Justin Theroux (HBO’s The Leftovers),
CNN Tonight anchor Don Lemon,
and comedian Seaton Smith.

CONAN Monologue 05/22/17:

Conan jokes about Trump’s trip to the Middle East, Melania’s hand swap, and Bill Clinton.

Introducing: The Dyson Ball Blade

Because every package should be handled with care.

Tony The Cameraman Celebrates CONAN’s Renewal

TBS picked up CONAN for four more years,
so Tony finally feels financially secure enough to buy a yacht — or five.

Justin Theroux Gives Conan A Tattoo

Conan wants a tattoo that will spice up his love life, so Justin inks him with a unicorn.

Justin Theroux Had To Suffocate Himself On “The Leftovers”

Season three of “The Leftovers” kicked off in dramatic fashion
with Justin’s character duct-taping a plastic bag over his head.

French Reporters Asked Justin Theroux About The Meaning Of Life

Justin is used to fielding questions about his love life, but in France,
the press asked him about the meaning of life.

Justin Theroux Can’t Stand Men In Shorts & Flip Flops

If you’re a man and you’re not actively at a beach or pool,
Justin thinks your legs and feet should be covered. Andy believes in another school of thought…


Justin Theroux On The Value Of A Short Series Run:

Justin thinks “The Leftovers”‘ short series run
allowed the writers to take more chances without worrying about getting picked up.

Don Lemon Almost Broke His Coccyx Skateboarding

A few years back, Don wiped out in front of some condescending youngsters.
He got back at them when he peeled out in his Porsche.

Don Lemon On Being The Target Of Trump Tweets

The President insists that he doesn’t watch CNN,
but he somehow has a lot to say about Don Lemon…

Don Lemon: Trump Will Find A Way Out Of The Presidency

Don thinks the stark differences between the freedom of civilian life vs.
the accountability of the Presidency are proving too much for Trump.

Don Lemon On Melania Trump’s Hand Swat

Don predicts that Trump will respond to the hand swat controversy by blaming the fake media.

Seaton Smith Stand-Up 05/22/17

Seaton thinks the bravest person ever was the person
who recorded Rodney King with an enormous VHS camera slung over their shoulder.

Conan Remembers Marsh McCall

Conan takes a moment to remember a writer from the original
“Late Night with Conan O’Brien” staff.





On Tuesday, May 23rd, Conan welcomes
Nick Kroll (Sausage Party),
Ben Falcone (Being A Dad Is Weird),
and musical guest Dawes.

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