Cosplay Photos: Anime Central (ACEN) Part 1

Acen 2017

ACEN (Anime Central) was a fun-filled event with 24 hours cosplay, panels and events. The vendor floor had lots of room to move around and everyone seemed to have a great time.

You might have seen me around. On Friday, I did a mashup medieval-kilted Deadshot and Saturday I was Master Roshi, but I wore my suit so I could impress the ladies. Even in a suit, I found a lot of slacking trainees that I put through their paces.

If you didn’t seem me on Saturday then you might have seen the newest recruit to the Kame House, young Groot.

You can find Part 2 of our ACEN cosplay coverage from PopCultHQ’s Vicki here as well as fellow writer and ACEN attendee April’s Part 3 article here, plus Part 4Part 5Part 6, and Part 7!


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