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Become An Amazon With This Wonder Woman Line Of Clothing From Her Universe

by Tori Ann
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With the premiere of Wonder Woman just weeks away, fans are frantically trying to decide what they’ll wear when they go see the film. With the debut of a new clothing collection from Her Universe, that decision just got a little easier.

The limited edition line was designed by the winners of the 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show – Jesse Thaxton, Hannah Kent, and Camille Faciola. It includes both subtle and overt references of varying degrees to Wonder Woman; from a full recreation of her armor on a reversible dress to a skirt featuring blue ombre and stars, there’s sure to be something that everyone will like. Jesse Thaxton created her pieces with a special group of women in mind – both the tank top and jacket she designed bear the words “Daughters of Themyscira” – referencing an online group of women brought to together by their common interest in all things nerdy. You can see the designers talk more about their pieces in this video from the Hot Topic Facebook page.

The line includes two dresses, two jackets, a romper, a tunic sweater, a skirt, and a shirt. The best thing about this line, in my opinion, is the fact that it is also available in plus sizes, showing that Wonder Woman fans come in all shapes in sizes. You can shop the collection on the websites Her Universe, Hot Topic, and Torrid. Select items from the line are also available in Hot Topic and Torrid stores. You can view photos of the collection in the gallery below.

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