PopCultHQ’s First Look: August 2017 Solicitations from Aspen Comics

Popculthq looks at all of the comics releasing from Aspen Comics in August 2017…

August 2017 Solicitations


FATHOM: DAWN OF WAR TPB (3rd Printing)

Writer: J.T. Krul
Penciller: Talent Caldwell
Inkers: Jason Gorder  & Sal Regla
Colorist: Christina Strain

Return to the story that sparked the war, and brought the world of Fathom to its knees, Fathom: Dawn of War!

This special edition contains the entire tale of warfare and betrayal that led up to the battle between the humans and the Blue, and the unheralded rise of the Black! Find out for yourself why Fathom: Dawn of War became one of the most pivotal storylines in Fathom and Aspen Comics history! This long-awaited third printing of the classic Aspen Comics series Fathom: Dawn of War Volume 1 collects issues number 0, 1, 2, 3, and Cannon Hawke: Dawn of War #1! Brought to you by the creative of J.T. Krul, Talent Caldwell, Jason Gorder and Christina Strain, and featuring a re-mastered cover by Fathom creator Michael Turner!

FATHOM: DAWN OF WAR TPB is in stores August 9th, 2017!

FC/112 pages/$9.99/TPB

Lola XOXO (V.2) #2 – Cover A by Oum
Lola XOXO (V.2) #2 – Cover C by Oum
Lola XOXO (V.2) #2 – Cover B by Konat

(Vol. 2)

Writer: Siya Oum
Artist: Siya Oum

The best-selling Aspen series from creator Siya Oum returns!

Perilous new foes emerge! Lola discovers that her previous treacherous experiences have prepared her for the harsh realities of the world she now occupies—However, nothing can prepare her for the worst dangers that lurk beyond the comfort of the few allies she’s managed to make!

LOLA XOXO #2 vol 2 is in stores August 16th, 2017!

FC/32 pages/$3.99

All New Fathom (V.6) #7 – Cover A by Renna
All New Fathom (V.6) #7 – Cover C by Renna
All New Fathom (V.6) #7 – Cover B by Cafaro

ALL NEW FATHOM #7 (Vol. 6)

Blake Northcott

Marco Renna

John Starr

Dive back into the world of MICHAEL TURNER’S FATHOM!

After reaching the failsafe, Cannon Hawke overthrows the Elite Blue Council and seizes control of Muria. For the first time in a millennium, the capital city reverts to a monarchy. With millions of lives in the balance, Aspen must choose between two unthinkable options: allow Cannon Hawke to carry out a human genocide . . . or commit regicide!

FATHOM #7 is in stores August 23rd, 2017!

FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

Bubblegun #4 – Cover A by Tovar

BUBBLEGUN #4 (Vol. 2)

Writer: Mark Roslan
Artist: Angel Tovar
Colorist: Federico Blee

The BubbleGun crew return for more high stakes jobs!

Asher has been captured and is now in the clutches of his biological father, Theon, a megalomaniacal engineer aspiring to take over the world. How? Not by himself, but working with someone from the team’s unwelcome past! Meanwhile, the crew licks their wounds as their confidence is shattered. With their teammate taken, will they come together, or will they come undone?!



BUBBLEGUN #4 (vol 2) is in stores August 23rd, 2017!

FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

All New Soulfire (V.6) #6 – Cover A by Cafaro
All New Soulfire (V.6) #6 – Cover C by Talibao
All New Soulfire (V.6) #6 – Cover B by Valentino

(Vol. 6)

JT Krul

Giuseppe Cafaro

Wes Hartman

Aspen’s premiere action-adventure fantasy epic continues!

Rainier’s assault continues as the battle lines are drawn in the age-old war between light and dark,
with the entire world hanging in the balance!
When it comes to magic, there is order and chaos, and only one may rule supreme.
Which side will Malikai choose? And will it be the right one?”

SOULFIRE #6 is in stores August 30th, 2017!

FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

No World #5 – Cover A by Gunderson
No World #5 – Cover C by Cafaro
No World #5 – Cover B by Tovar


Writer: Scott Lobdell

Jordan Gunderson

Colorist: Juanchoo

They exist in the all-new ASPEN UNIVERSE…yet belong to NO ONE!

With Iris, Dellec and Miya out of the picture at the moment, the rest of this motley crew realizes they have their work cut out for them. However, the aforementioned trio has their own problems to deal with—including the strange dimension they find themselves in that threatens to swallow the entire Earth whole!

Written by legendary Uncanny X-Men scribe Scott Lobdell (Michael Turner’s Fathom) with art by Jordan Gunderson (Aspen Universe: Revelations), this is THE NEW Aspen title you won’t want to miss!

NO WORLD #5 is in stores August 30th, 2017!

FC                               32 pages                                  $3.99

The ZooHunters #4 – Cover A by Steigerwald


Writer: Peter Steigerwald
Artist: Peter Steigerwald


*** Synopsis not available at time of press. 

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